Marketing Performance Management Products

Available separately or
included in Response Management
Our flagship marketing performance management solution

Response Management

Full Circle Response Management is a native Salesforce application that gives you a complete response lifecycle management solution to ensure that you are maximizing the revenue generated from your marketing programs.

Our comprehensive marketing performance management product provides integrated funnel analysis across your entire demand generation organization as well as a complete response lifecycle management module. Plus it also includes our weighted campaign influence capabilities so you can leverage all the power of our next-generation campaign influence and attribution models as well.

  • Track and measure volume, conversion rates, and velocity across your marketing and sales funnels
  • Get next-generation weighted campaign influence and attribution metrics
  • Utilize best-practice response lifecycle management to ensure every response is captured

Check out our Full Circle Response Management product page to learn more.

Campaign Influence

Our Campaign Influence solution is a plug-and-play native Salesforce application that lets you understand how your campaigns impact pipeline and revenue. We believe that moving beyond simple first touch, last touch, or even spread multi-touch attribution models to see the real impact your programs have across all your market segments is critical for every marketer.

That's why we built our next-generation weighted campaign influence product with 3 out-of-the-box influence models to get you started, but also let you build your own custom models to fit your unique business practices. Get complete visibility into your influence data - no black box!

  • In-depth analysis on how marketing impacts pipeline and revenue
  • 3 out-of-the-box, but completely customizable models
  • The flexibility to measure across all your data in Salesforce

Check out our Full Circle Campaign Influence product page to learn more.

Full Circle CRM’s Weighted Campaign Influence has become a key marketing tool by extending the Salesforce campaign insight functionality for us and making us more confident in our data.

—Scott Fingerhut, Vice President World Wide Marketing, Boundary

Full Circle CRM provides us more insight into our marketing metrics in than ever before. We are now able to see the true performance of our marketing campaigns and leverage our marketing budget accordingly to maximize revenue.

—Hanne Venables, Director, Marketing Operations

Salesforce Marketing Tools

We know it’s geeky, but we love creating products that make marketers’ lives better. So we've built a few tools, available on the AppExchange, to help you get better quality marketing data.

Easy Campaign Member Status Manager

Opportunity Gatekeeper

Easy Campaign Member Status enables you to define standard or custom member status values by campaign type. Set up your default values once and never have to worry about them again.

Check out the Easy Campaign Member Status product page to learn more.

Opportunity Gatekeeper drives more complete metrics and accurate information for marketing by making sure that every Opportunity in Salesforce is created from a Contact, providing a higher likelihood of campaign association.

Check out the Opportunity Gatekeeper product page to learn more.