Marketing and Sales Intelligence

What good is marketing intelligence if it’s not integrated with sales intelligence? Does it matter that you have the right answer if sales never believes you? Sales and marketing can never reach the Kumbaya moment until both teams are looking at the exact same data. That’s why all of our marketing data and marketing analytics are built right inside Salesforce.

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Get full funnel metrics and velocity analysis across both sales and marketing with:

Actionable Funnel Analysis

Demand waterfall analysis is an invaluable way to understand your business, identify bottlenecks and optimize throughput. Full Circle CRM is the only solution that can give you a customized view of your integrated marketing and sales funnel built on the Salesforce1 Platform.

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SLA and
Assignment Reports

Want to squeeze more pipeline out of every campaign? Then make sure qualified responses don’t slip through the cracks– regardless of whether the response is from a new leads or an existing contact. Response follow up assignment and SLA reports track the volume, follow-up activity, age and outcome for every response so you can make sure responses don’t slip through the cracks. By empowering Sales Management with full visibility to response assignment volume and outcomes, you can align to ensure sales targets are met.

Full History of Every Sales
and Marketing Response

Imagine if you could see the entire sales and marketing response history of every lead and contact in your database. By tracking Sales, Telesales and Marketing touch points, reps are armed with all the insight they need for follow up and management has complete visibility in to all the touches that influence closed revenue. Learn More ›

Full View into Every Historical
Response Outcome

What if you knew and could report on every follow-up interaction and the exact outcome? With our unique response tracking system you can easily understand past campaign performance and use that insight to more accurately plan and forecast for upcoming quarters. Drill down and look at campaign performance by firmographic attributes, sales team, region, and unique dimensions you define.
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Now I can understand the true value of my marketing programs and accurately quantify Marketing's contribution to revenue

—Michelle Kim, Director, Demand Generation, Mashery
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